Author’s Note: PHP Uber-style Geotracker


“WEB 3.0 IS HERE!!! Now that “everyone” (well…80% of adults in the U.S., for instance) has at least one smartphone, we find ourselves able to detect where anyone is at anytime and exchange data/information easily, instanteously and inexpensively, thru the standard GPS technologies built into these devices. Nothing since internet and mobile connectivity, will be able to redefine day to day life as we know it, as this! It’s Web 3.0. Uber and Waze have just scratched the surface…just wait and see, it won’t take long. Our world is a changing!”

– Data Ninja (July 11, 2017)


Everyday as I work, eat, sleep, shop for clothes, shop for food, watch TV/movies, commute, fly, vacation, find dates, go out on dates, etc. (yep! Ninjas date!), I think of yet another new NEXT GENERATION GPS app that will REDEFINES the way we live life today! No other technology will have as big an impact to our daily lives as this. I promise!!!

I wrote my latest script (released July 2017) – Uber-style GeoTracker – as my attempt to show everyone how “accessible” this technology is (e.g. forget iOS and Android…vanilla HTML5/Javascript/PHP/MySQL can be used to create applications that are just as functionally robust as Uber and Waze) and to create a foundational framework to base your next GPS app on.

The technology used here is called ‘HTML5 Geolocation’ and is built into HTML5 and all the browsers that render webpages on mobile phones, tablets and desktops. Tracking begins when a user brings up a “geolocated/geotracked” webpage and continues until the browser is closed or navigates to a new web page. Tracking restarts (e.g. reusable getlocated webpages) again by bringing up the same webpage.

To use this GeoTracker, simply go to the home page and invite everyone you want tracked in a your own private geomap. Check your inbox for your link, click on it an geotracking begins. This tool allows you to customize your market or upload a phone as a marker.

Check it out! Hope this script helps you get a jumpstart in changing the world!

PHP Uber-style Geotracker – available NOW at! Click here!

Tanoshinde (‘Have fun!’),
Data Ninja
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Author’s Note: PHP Dashboard v4.0

“Dark data is defined as the inforamtion assets (terrabytes…even petabytes of data) organizations collect, process and store in the course of regular business activity, that accumulates but is never used.

Organizations run without fully leveraging their dark data is like a horseman riding on a dangerous mountainous road, on a dark and stormy night, blindfolded.”

– Data Ninja

I believe one of the key reasons why dark data continues to proliferate in organizations is that tools available today are inadequate in enabling every person in a large organization with a browser and network access to work with and present this data (for good…obviously…for sake of this discussion let’s assume sensitive data is protected against inappropriate use…identity theft, etc.).

The current generation of leading data access/visualization tools only allows certain qualified people in an organization to work with data.

A NEW generation of data access/visualization tools has yet to be invented that ‘democratizes’ access, analysis and presentation in a social, collaborative, ‘sharing’ platform.

As an author at codecanyon, I continue to write scripts that help develop on an idea of a NEXT GENERATION, MORE ‘DEMOCARATIC’ visulization tool that:

  • is extensible and designed to leverage all the popular open source visaulization scripts available (highcharts, d3js, mapbox, leaflet, etc)
  • is easy to access and lightweight – AS EASY AND LIGHT AS A WEBPAGE – and use by ANYONE to create sophisticated dashboards (drag and drop user interface on a web page accessible on any internet browser)
  • is foundationally designed for collaboration and sharing with other people (js-fiddle style collaboration and sharing) – making data sharing and analyzing more mainstream.

This next version of PHP Dashboard version 4.0 is an extension of my popular HTML5 Dashboard Designer script that continues to leverage PHP and MySQL to create a multi-tenant environment for the designer that allows js-fiddle type sharing of dashboards. For users of HTML5 Dashboard Designer, you’ll see the familiar interface but what’s new is in the enhanced menu on the top right that allows you to save, share, email dashboards. You can invite collaborators and sign in / sign up to create your own accounts.

Let me know what you think of the enhancements. I have a multi-year roadmap for this tool so look out for more enhancements. Contact me if you have any ideas. (Also, looking for a sponsor for this tool – see ‘Looking for a sponsor – menu option’)

PHP Dashboard v4.0 – available NOW at! Click here!

Tanoshinde (‘Have fun!’),
Data Ninja
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my codecanyon portfolio: click here