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Ninja for Hire
I am for hire. If you like my work and have a project let’s chat see how I can help you. (*please, only serious funded projects/customers…I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and  – $10/hour projects – no matter how good the “opportunity for additional long term work” is  will not work given the cost of living here.)


Licensing My Scripts
Licensing my scripts for your use comes in two forms at Envato.

For developer access to source code (for evaluation purposes), you can pay for a regular license copy which is nominal – almost FREE – but gives you 100% of the source code and allows you to evaluate the value of my scripts to your project with very minimum risk.

Once you conclude that the script does add value to your venture and you find yourself incorporating (all or parts of) the script’s functionality, design, etc into your products that you will in turn sell to paying customers or incorporate into multiple customized instances of your website/software, Envato has an extended license level that provides for an appropriate and “fair” fee charged by the author, for your extended use of the script.

Extended license fee revenues are what many authors need to justify posting 100% source code of our scripts at Envato – UPFRONT. It justifies the many days, weeks, months (even years) worth of intellectual property we develop and expose publicly.

Please be aware that many Envato authors depend on good faith to govern proper use and that appropriate licenses are purchased. Currently, the problem with “good faith” is it does provide  opportunities for MISUSE by some opportunistic developers that choose to ignore Envato’s licensing policies. (I’ve been made aware of several instances where this has occurred with my scripts).

So please, friendly reminder…if your use falls into extended license category, please purchase the appropriate license(s) so that authors like myself can continue the practice of providing 100% source code even prior to getting paid for extended use. Win for all sides!

Click here for more details on Evato’s standard licensing policies.

Thank you for your continued support and if you disagree with any of the above, feel free to comment below.


Looking for Sponsor
Finally, I’m looking for a sponsor to accelerate development of “NBT” (next big thing) platforms I’m developing thru my scripts. I’m focusing on 3 major areas:

If you are an angel investor (or potential sponsor customer) and share my vision for the platforms above and getting them the “next level” of development…let’s have a chat!

Many places to find me on the web. Here are the main ones…

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Telephone – 415-857-3501

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