Author’s Note: PHP Dashboard v5 – Brand New Enterprise Edition

“It takes a village to GO DATA! This is the dashboard tool for that village.”
– Data Ninja (3/14/2018)

It’s been 3 years since I wrote the first version of PHP Dashboard. Back then version 1.0 was just about coming up with a quality script that renders a dashboard in PHP. Version 5 shows how far this tool has come – see key updates section below.

What’s most exciting to me, if you follow my blog, I use my portfolio of scripts in an effort to develop a next generation data visualization tool that allows large organizations with vast amounts of data to be more data-centric, make day to day decisions based on available data. The current data visualization and business intelligence tools fall short and are still designed for a centralized group to do organization wide reporting. I feel version 5 gets us an order of magnitude closer to this vision with the draglet architecture and marketplace.

New Key Updates

  • With Version 5, data, reporting and insights are more democratic and collaborative.
  • A social dashboarding tool has yet to become mainstream that allows a more collabrative approach to dashboards. I’m hoping this tool has it’s place in that product segment.
  • Version 5 takes version 4 as the foundation but has been re-architected to allow add-ons to be developed by third parties. The add-on I will call “draglets” (draggable applets). Think of draglets like plug-ins are to WordPress or modules are to Drupal.
  • I also created a draglet marketplace so that additional draggables I create will be developed as a draglet and contributed to a marketplace (visit
  • I introduced complete dashboard and infographic templates as my first set of draglets introduced in this fashion.
  • Finally this version also addresses the fact that the next generation of “computer users” won’t be using computers at all and are more tablet-centric. Less desktops and laptops, more tablets and stylus pens. So I revamped the interface to make version 5 tablet friendly.

All in all, a lot of great enhancements! Check it out. Hope  you like it!

Tanoshinde (‘Have fun!’),
Data Ninja
my email:
my codecanyon portfolio: click here

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