Author’s Note: Twilio “Geo-text” Plug-In (a PHP Uber-style Geotracker Add-on)


– Data Ninja 10/1/2017

Cooking has come a long way from when I was growing up. Back then, there were very strict rules about the “proper” way to cook well-defined dishes/recipes. Access to ingredients was limited (usually by country/regional/geographic borders) and restaurants had to fall into strict, well defined categories (ethnic cuisines – italian, french, japanese, chinese or food categories – burgers, bbq, seafood, etc) to be “understood” by their customers and critics and be successful.

Today, because of globalization, internet and better transportation infrastructure that gives chefs <24 hour access to ingredients from anywhere around the world, cooking and food has changed. Dishes are now made using a vastly wider selection of ingredients and sourced anywhere around the world. Tastes have changed, and chefs are free to “mash-up” cuisines so you can have a dish that takes the best from the different cuisines around the world (e.g. an italian dish using best chinese ingredients using cooking techniques from france, etc).

Programming NOW is changing and no different to what’s happened to cooking!

Back in the day, if you were a Apple mac programmer, that’s what you were. Windows programmer, same thing. iPhone…same and so on. A database programmer situated themselves on the backend layer of the tech stack and focused on data based (database) programming. A front end programmer did so in the front end, focusing on the user experience and technologies like HTML, CSS, javascript and jquery, to serve up information from the back-end. Back then, “roles” were well defined and obeyed because it was much more difficult to develop the expertise to build in the different layers of the tech stack. Developers needed to specialize.

But now…with the social media and the internet…everything has changed. The barriers to learning HAVE COME DOWN!

Nowadays, the “ingredients” for writing applications are much more easily accessible. With open source, youtube, google, wikipedia, jsfiddle, stack overflow, etc. It is so much easier for someone who knows how to code (“a developer”) to learn and master any technology and incorporate into their applications.

This Twilio Geo-texting Plug-in, I am about to release, is an example of the changing landscape of programming and what’s possible!

“Coding Chefs” (a.k.a. developers) now have easy access to a lot more “ingredients”. Someone like me that primarily programs in javascript and PHP can learn geolocation technologies available from JS frameworks such as mapbox and leaflet, and mash them up with SMS texting technologies from companies like Twilio and master the expertise in a few days in order to create a new generation of applications – such as the Twilio Geo-text Plug-In. All using PHP/Javascript/MySQL as the glue!

This plug-in is an example of what’s possible in the future! Let me know what you think of it and if you have any other ideas of how best to mash up different technologies.

The Twilio Geo-text Plug-In will be available NOW at! Click here!

Tanoshinde (‘Have fun!’),
Data Ninja
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