Getting to 500 sales at Envato(!!!

Hi everyone – for those following my progress from hired sword (ninja) to software author at Envato ( – see my blog post (‘Uberization of Software Development‘), I hit a major milestone at end of August 2017 by reaching my 500th sale!

The graphic above summarizes my progress as software author. The timeline shows the scripts I’ve authored so far at (Envato) and I’ve recapped my sales velocity on the bottom which has been increasing exponentially!

Sales Velocity Summary

  • 2 years and 11 months to get to 300 sales (velocity = ~12 months per 100 sales)
  • 7 months to get to 400 sales (velocity = 7 months per 100 sales)
  • 5 months to get to 500 sales (velocity = 5 months per 100 sales)

My big take away from this analysis is that volume of scripts does not matter as much as the “innovative-ness”, complexity and sophistication of the scripts I create. My last set of scripts have a more sophisticated set of features (drag and drop dashboard designer, uber-style geo tracking, stock investing analytics) that provide more value to potential customers that are looking to save time (and money) by purchasing and incorporating my scripts into their web sites/applications/products.

Another development from the innovation, is I’ve noticed more inquiries from my postings for freelancing opportunities. Until I fully transition to software author, this does help keep the pipeline full. So thanks to those who’ve reached out!

All in all, this is great progress and gives me direction and “marching orders” for the rest of 2017. Innovate, innovate, innovate and hopefully good things will continue happen!

What I still need to learn. I’ve noticed many authors have gotten to this milestone quicker and generate a lot more sales with fewer scripts, so still trying to figure out their secret. Anyone of you guys reading this blog and would like to provide tips and tricks, that would be fantastic. I would love some feedback on my portfolio and the quality of my scripts and what sorts of script I should be focusing on in the future. I’ve started with data visualizations since that’s what I know but maybe there are other areas that might make sense also (e.g. my last two scripts, I’ve ventured out into geolocation and stock trading as these are areas I know also).

Also, I would like to get better at driving my own traffic to my postings so I’m experimenting with more active blogging, posting, etc plus exploring to launch my first email campaign with constant contact. I’ll keep you posted to see how it goes.

Finally, it would be great not to have to go thru this journey alone and have a set of “mates” trying to (or have successfully) complete(d) this journey. So if you are a software developer trying to do the same thing, let me know what you think of this post, especially those that have made successful transition to software author, and let me know if you have anything else to add.

BTW, interested in finding out more about the scripts listed above, click on the ‘my codecanyon portfolio’ link below (or the ‘Buy My Scripts’ link above)


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my codecanyon portfolio: click here

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