Author’s Note: PHP Daytrader’s Candlestick Hunter


A question many including the largest software companies are still trying to figure out. IBM, for instance, resorts to using a talking box in its commercials to represent “Watson” its analytics offering.

Example: IBM Watson Advertisements
What does “analytics” look like? Is it a talking box?

Analytics in essence are algorithms / formulas / processing logic / pattern recognition rules that are applied to different types of data (transactional, time series/sensor, geospatial data, BIG data) which results in “insights” that are consumed by its users/customers. But if your job were develop an analytics “application”, what will it look like?.

Truth be told, despite all the talk about analytics, the standard form in which an analytics app is used by its users is still a work in progress.

No surprise. After all, it took years before the market decided what a search engine site was (google, yahoo), or ecommerce site was (online stores, amazon), or a social networking site (facebook, linkedin), because these were all new paradigms when they first came out.

…it may take years before the market and technology fully develop and “lands” on a standard way analytics applications take shape.

– Data Ninja
September 6, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – I decided to write this latest script – Daytrader’s Candlestick Pattern Hunter (and my previous script Uber-Style Geotracker) to continue to develop ways to “productize” analytics and answer the question above.

I believe part of the answer begins with making “smarter widgets” mainstream (which is why I took time off from PHP dashboard development to develop the Geotracker and Candlestick Hunter scripts). I intend to incorporate them into a social visualization mash up tool (like my PHP Dashboard series – especially version 4.x – here at codecanyon).

This candlestick pattern hunting script, for instance, consumes a live real time data stream of stock prices and performs instantaneous predictive analytics (candlestick pattern hunting) and creates a visualization for customers(daytraders) to consume insight (in this case forecasting future behavior of a stock). The consumption of data, application of analytics and presentation via visualization is a repeatable pattern for any type of analytics (e.g. not limited to the stock market).

Though, the primary goal of this script is to cater to Daytraders’ needs, a secondary goal is to test whether it can be used as a template for productizing analytics.

Whether you are a daytrader, data scientist or application developer, let me know what you think of this pattern and how it can potentially be used as a template for developing analytics applications.

PHP Dashboard v4.0 – available NOW at! Click here!

Tanoshinde (‘Have fun!’),
Data Ninja
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