Just Released! PHP Streetmaps (Uber-style moving markers and more…)

Check out my latest script – HTML5 Streetmaps – available NOW at codecanyon.net! Click here!

This easy to use PHP class library allows PHP/MySQL developers to create a wide variety of customized streetmaps by instantiating this PHP streetmap class (no javascript coding necessary!) Create custom streetmaps with the following mapbox/leafletjs built-in features:

• NEW!!! UBER-style moving markers
• Heatmaps
• Markerclusters
• Streetmap with directions/routing
• Streetmaps with various shapes (polygons, circles, rectangles)
• Streetmap styling(supports the 14 mapbox.js styles)
• Multi-color markers
• Multi-color markers with fontawesome icons
• Image markers
• Custom popups (text/images/videos)

Version History

v1.0 (11/1/2016) – Initial release
v1.1 (11/16/2016) – added UBER-style moving marker

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Author’s Note: PHP Streetmaps

“A backend developer trying to do front end programming well is like right hander trying to write left handed well. With enough work, it can be done…but it does not come naturally.”
– Data Ninja

LEFT VS. RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN – The left side of the human brain focuses on logical thinking, analysis, and accuracy. The right side of the brain, on the other hand, focus on aesthetics, feeling, and creativity. Front end developers, generally speaking, have “right handed” brains and backend “left handed”. It’s possible for each to do the other’s type of programming, but it doesn’t come naturally.

This is why I wrote PHP Streetmaps. It allows a PHP/MySQL backend developer an easy way to create sophisticated streetmaps (with directions, heatmaps, markers, image markers, complicated popups, video popups, etc) without learning mapbox/leaflet.js which are written in javascript, a language primarily by front end developers.

The technique used here is I created a PHP wrapper class called PhpStreetmaps that wraps around my HTML5 script (also sold seperately at codecanyon.net but included when you purchase this PHP script). I also added methods to connect and interact with a MySQL database directly to feed map markers from a database.

To use, simply instantiate the class and use it’s setter methods to set the properties and the markers for the streetmap.

So, attention PHP backend developers..sophisticated streetmaps in your sleep! No javascript necessary! Check it out!

PHP Streetmaps – available NOW at codecanyon.net! Click here!

Tanoshinde (‘Have fun!’),
Data Ninja
my email: dataninja.at.codecanyon@gmail.com
my codecanyon portfolio: click here