Becoming an Author

I started with Envato as a customer. I wanted to add sophistication to the UX/UI (user experience/interface) of the data visualization scripts I developed for my clients.

Themeforest (another Envato marketplace) has an amazing selection of ready to use HTML themes that allow software freelancers (like myself) to save themselves days, weeks, even months of work to incorporate a great user experience into their custom software.

Someone else took the time to perfect the UX/UI (using the latest jQuery slideshows, navigation and other animation plug-ins) into a turnkey theme, which can be purchased by developers and easily incorporated into the software they develop. The price point for these themes was amazing, many themes ranging from $5 to $25 (US), making the evaluation and trial of these themes virtually risk free.

This allowed me to focus on what I knew best (data visualization) and thru the themes I bought at Themeforest, I was also able to incorporate into my software the skills of other developers who were experts in other areas of software design and programming.

I started to think about becoming an author when I noticed that some of the more popular themes have sold downloads in the ten’s of thousands. Simple math showed me that there was significant earnings in store for the author(s) of a popular script.

I wanted to jump in as an author. Now the big question was what could I develop that would be useful for other developers. I was not a web designer so I didn’t think I could develop better themes than what was already available at Themeforest.

Searching thru Envato’s website I discovered the other marketplaces of Envato, specifically Codecanyon where programmers like myself could sell turnkey code snippets, just like web designers sold their themes. I decided since expertise was developing custom dashboards that visualized complex data…I would sell scripts that would help other developers (and non-developers) easily and quickly incorporate complex data visualization into their own scripts in a turnkey way.

This is when my journey began as an author.


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