Uberization of Software Development

Hello everyone. My name is data ninja (my pseudo name, of course…can’t be too careful with your real identity on the web these days) and I am a Code Canyon author based out of San Jose, CA. For those of you who are unfamiliar with San Jose, it is in the heart of Silicon Valley, where many iconic startups like Apple, Google, Yahoo got their ‘start’ and are currently based. There are many, many, many startups in the Silicon Valley area that employ many many many software developers like myself.

I am by trade a freelance UI (user interface) developer and my professional specialty is in the data visualization area, creating custom software scripts for my clients that visualize complex data using mostly jQuery, Highcharts/stock/maps, d3js, and JavaScript. When my projects require a database I usually develop using PHP/MySQL.

I have been dabbling in online software marketplaces like Envato’s Code Canyon over the last two years and have tried a few submissions with enough success to convince me that one day, if I dedicated myself to it, I could stop working as a freelancer by generating enough earnings entirely from script sales to make a living as a software author. That’s the plan, anyway.

I want to use this blog to document my journey from ‘software sword for hire (ninja)’ to ‘successful software author’, and maybe help other software developers to do the same along the way. I truly believe ‘software authoring’ represents a mainstream employment model for software developers like me all over the world in the near future.

Software marketplaces like Envato will do for software developers like me, what Uber does for drivers all over the world today – the Uberization of Software Development.

Let’s see…

Follow me on my journey and check in from time to time by commenting on my posts (I’d especially love to hear from those who are on the same, or even better have successfully completed this journey already).


my email: dataninja.at.codecanyon@gmail.com
my codecanyon portfolio: click here

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